M.S. in Computer Science                                                                                 Dec  2020

      — GPA: 4.11/4.00


B.S. in Computer Science                                                                                   May 2019

      — GPA: 3.54/4.00 (graduated with university honors)

Choate Rosemary Hall                                                                                        May 2015


Infrastructure work for CMU Compilers Course                                       Summer  2020

  • Designing 3 new project checkpoints for the rehauled version of 15411 Compilers - Register allocation, Dataflow analysis, and Static Single Assignment. Wrote the project handouts, grading harness, verifiers, input generators, and reference compiler for these new projects. 

  • Managed an EC2-based auto-scaling autograder, developing on a fork of CMU course-management tool Autolab. Autolab is the frontend grading website written in Ruby, and Tango is the backend job service that uses the AWS EC2 for creating instances for grading jobs. The actual grading on a EC2 instance involves using a script to set up a docker instance and copying the grading runtime environment and student repo to docker for scoring.


Quora internship cancelled due to Covid-19                                             Summer  2020

KanDao VR, Software Engineering Intern                                                         Aug  2019

  • Implemented Google's HDR+ algorithm in Halide on KanDao's platform, beating the paper's running time by 20%. Adapted the algorithm to generate less artifacts near high contrast areas and be more resilient to moving objects.

Quora internship cancelled due to OPT not arriving                                 Summer  2019

CMU, Research Assistant to Mor Harchol-Balter                                     Sep-Dec   2018

  • Discovered a simple and intuitive solution of expected cost of linear probing. To be published.

  • Co-authored Chapter 13: Hashing of the book for the CMU 15359: Honors Probability and Computing. Here is the link to the first half of the chapter, with HW problems and solutions stripped out.

  • Designed HW problems and wrote solutions for 15359, focusing on problems on chernoff bounds and randomized algorithms.

Blend, Software Engineering Intern                                                          Jun-Aug   2018

  • Decoupled Blend’s largest module, income, from the main repo, and built it as a service. Wrote documentation on this first move to microservices architecture.

  • As a side project, improved backend unit testing speed by 10 times (60 to 6 seconds), saving backend engineers 30 minutes per day. Some techniques involved were profiling, recompiling only changed files, fixing circular dependencies, and removing unnecessary setup calls and file dependencies for unit testing.

  • Assisted in integrating Docusign to Blend, tailoring to the needs of 100+ banks including Wells Fargo and US bank.



Head Teaching Assistant for 15411 Compilers                                                   Fall  2020

Teaching Assistant for 15746 Storage Systems                                                 Fall 2020

Teaching Assistant for 15451 Algorithms                                                       Spring 2020

Teaching Assistant for 15440 Distributed Systems                                            Fall 2019

Teaching Assistant for 15451 Algorithms                                                        Spring 2019





15411 Compilers

15410 Operating Systems

15746 Storage Systems

15721 Advanced DB

15712 Advanced OS

15440 Distributed Systems

18330 Computer Security

15213 Intro to Systems

15451 Design of Algorithms

15751 TCS Toolkit

15295 Competitive Programming

15251 Great Theoretical ideas in CS

15210 Parallel Algorithms

15150 Functional Programming

15122 Imperative Computation

15112 Intro to CS


15359 Honors Probability & Computing

21484 Graph Theory

21373 Algebraic Structures

21355 Real Analysis

21269 Vector Analysis

21268 Multidimensional Calculus

21260 Differential Equations

21242 Matrix Theory

21128 Concepts of Math


Finance and Economics

21420 Continuous-time Finance

21370 Discrete-time Finance

21270 Intro to Math Finance

73240: Intermediate Macroeconomics

73230: Intermediate Microeconomics 

Machine Learning

10601 Machine Learning

10707 Deep Learning

15312 Foundations of Programming Languages