Email: shengx@andrew.cmu.edu

Mobile: 412-537-6090

Welcome to my website! I'm a coder passionate in solving challenging problems and building interesting applications. My main focus is in computer systems and algorithms, but I also have deep interest in math, finance, and artificial intelligence.

I am current enrolled in CMU's Master of Science in Computer Science, and will be graduating this December. I am actively looking for a full-time position for Spring 2021, preferably in systems or software engineering.

Outside of coding, my largest passions are traveling, football, rapping and gaming. I am an avid fan of Liverpool F.C. and Eminem. For gaming, my top 8 games of all time are (in no particular order): Witcher 3, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, AC2 and AC Brotherhood, Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI, Tale of Wuxia, Football Manager, and Divinity Original Sin.